Friday, July 2, 2010

Thing # 11

The Flickr world is such an amazing place. I did enjoy looking through all the pictures. I am constantly amazed at how much info is out there in the cyber world that I never knew existed. I still don't even own a digital camera!!! My husband has one and I borrow it sometimes or ask him to send me an email of a pix so I can have a copy. But now, I think I need to purchase my own and get busy with some photo taking and posting in Flickr.

The theme that I chose to search was "Dyslexia" because I teach students with dyslexia. I'm always looking for new ways to encourage them and let them know they are not alone in this struggle to overcome. I am also looking for ways to remind them that they are talented in so many ways, maybe just not reading, writing or spelling. So, I was excited when I found several pictures that I think I can use to share with my class, such as the famous people dyslexic mosaic.
Then, as you can see on my blogs, I went a little crazy with posting to my blog several photos I found related to the dyslexia topic. Helping these kids believe in themselves and become successful is certainly a passion I have. I just absolutely LOVE seeing them light up when they figure it out or those light bulbs moments for them or at the very least, when they see that SOMEONE really does believe in them and sees their potential.
Okay, back to Flickr. The photographer of the "famous people - dyslexia" is aeckel. He has a page of his own you can check out on this link, aeckel.
There were other personal interests I searched on Flickr while I played around on it too that I liked such as sunsets, beaches, lighthouses, and waterfalls. I also looked at all of the suggested sites for classroom uses and further resources listed. I am not in the regular classroom but I was for 13 out of my 20 years of teaching and I certainly could have incorporated these resources into my teaching and the students learning. I will pass on this info to my fellow teachers who are not taking the 23 things class (and tell them to take this course too).
One tool in particular I thought would be helpful for students was the vocabulary flickr where it showed some visuals of similar words such as stroll, wander, toddle, trudge, stride, and march. What an incredible way for the kids to get this in their memory bank and have it for life. I LOVED this.
I'm ready to move on to the stretch activity to see what else I can learn. :)
Cool stuff!!! (My dyslexic students are VERY visual, typically, so these would support their learning so well!!!).

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  1. Kids always like finding similarities between themselves and famous people, especially when it is an area of struggle. What a great way to utilize Flickr.