Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thing # 16

This Library Thing is pretty cool. I added about 14 books I have in my personal library. I checked out all the sites that were mentioned in the Thing 16 description. I love to read a GOOD book and one that might help me in my personal growth and maturity. Linking up with others who have similar reading libraries is a great thing.
Thanks for sharing this site.
I joined the Library Thing after taking the tour and am looking forward to what comes from this.
This could be good for my students as well, but I would like to check to see if any of their favorite books are an audio books since my dyslexic students would prefer to listen to the book vs. read it.
This would be a great way to share books within the classroom - teachers could share books with students, parents, other teachers. It would also be a cool way personally to share with others the books you have read and recommend or not.
Especially during the summer, sharing a good book to read while laying out by the pool would be fun.
This was a fun THING. :)


  1. I know many of the libraries are increasing there number of Playaways and ebooks that would benefit your students.