Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thing 14

Exploring all the different tools was interesting. I am starting to figure out what I like and don't really care for matching my particular personality and teaching style. I also have ideas of what I could try with my students.
I chose to do the PollDaddy tool so that I could make a survey for the people who attend my aerobics classes through MISD Wellness. I already made a post with it on there if you're interested.
I thought that I might could use it at school for my students to share different things such as who their favorite author is or favorite book or favorite famous dyslexic person. The possibilities are countless.
The PollDaddy site has places you can share on facebook, twitter, email, and several other places I wasn't too familiar with. It is certainly shared because you want people to answer your survey or vote.
I also tried the Weebly tool and created my own website. It was VERY easy. I sooooo very much appreciated the demo that was right there on the page and easy to watch and follow. So, here is the website I created http://vickiesweb.weebly.com.
This would certainly be something I could create and keep up with during the school year for the parents of my students (and of course the students too). I could share things with my aerobics class as well.
I gave the Weebly site to my husband because we wanted to make a web page for the home business we are starting. He is so excited at how easy it is as well.
It also has a way to share your web page with friends on facebook, twitter, email, etc. It also has a comment area you can add to your web page.
I'm learning sooooo much through this class. COOL.

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  1. You know you are learning something relevant when you can share it with someone.