Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thing #18

I love You Tube. I found a You Tube video from The Power of Dyslexia that I have blogged about before and linked to the website, but here it is in a video. COOL. :)

Here's another one that I have shown to my dyslexic students in class about the author Stephen Cannell's story about having dyslexia.

I also watched a Zumba Steps
to add to my Zumba routine since I'm an instructor. I watched several of those type You Tube videos.
On Teacher Tube, I watched a video from Lucy Calkins about Teaching Reading Workshop and what we need to do TODAY to teach reading (A GOOD TEACHER!!!! - TIME to read, time to talk about what we read.)
For fun, I am interested in seeing the movie The Shift by Wayne Dyer, so I watched the trailer for it.
I will always be on a quest to find appropriate material I can share with my dyslexic students to help them become better readers, overcomers, thinkers, have a positive attitude, and be encouraged. I think You Tube and Teacher Tube will be a great added resource to be able to achieve that goal.
There are a lot of related dyslexia videos with students sharing their own success stories and those would be cool to share with my class.
This has been probably one of my favorite Things to do yet. :)

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