Friday, July 2, 2010

Thing # 11 Stretch

Testing - let's see if this flickr worked for me. I created just a few pictures to share.
I think this could be useful in the classroom on many different levels. For one, teachers could share places they have visited - maybe even take the kids on a mini field trip. So many students have never been to the places they read about in text books or stories or social studies, so, sharing the pictures could give them a little more prior knowledge/background info.
It could also make the teacher/student interaction a little more personable. Students could share their own pictures of places they have been or replace the old "What I did over the summer" essay/journal with a slide show.
I am a little bit unsure about all the confidentiality stuff and the hackers and stalkers and just plain weirdo's that could look/lurk at the sites. ??? But, I'm willing to try it.

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