Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thing #12

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Famous Dyslexics

These people overcame their struggles with dyslexia. Someone believed in them. We can do the same for our dyslexic students.

Orlando Bloom in Kingdom of Heaven by danzden

Tom Cruise Flashes His Famous Smile at Madame Tussauds in London by mharrsch

George Lopez IMG_8071 by obfusciatrist Alex

Cher in Las Vegas by Bruce Tuten

Albert Einstein by mansionwb Cesar Blanco

Whoopi Goldberg by David Shankbone

Jay Leno by Dianthus Moon Dianne Collins

Walt Disney "Partners" - Walt with Castle Black and White by Express Monorail Joe Penniston

Henry Winkler Happy Days 5 by elviskennedy

Nolan Ryan Senior Portrait by tonystl

I can hardly wait for the students to see this and then maybe start making their own videos of things that interest them or sharing their own family photos or summer vacation or their favorite people/teachers/friends, etc.

I also am ready to get my wedding pix out and do a little video/slideshow of my favorite memories. Cool!!!

It was a little frustrating at times and time consuming, but enjoyable.

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