Monday, July 12, 2010

Thing #17

I listened to the Grammar Girls podcast about when to use female nouns. I like the way it is set up to either listen or read or both. My dyslexic students would do MUCH better being able to hear it (with the option to follow along with the print if they desire) than to just read it. And, being able to hear a lesson from the teacher and then go back and hear another one on the podcast would be good for the dyslexic learner.
I previewed all of the podcasts listed on our Thing # 17 list. I liked a few of them, but as the MTA dyslexia teacher, I didn't find many that would apply to my field or something I can use in my class; however, I can certainly pass a few on to the regular classroom teacher. I did subscribe to the Grammar Girls and the PBS John Merrow feed for Learning Matters.
I'm sure the others listed that I looked at are great sites and some of the things I saw were interesting to me, just not something I can really use at this time professionally.
One idea that I have and am REALLY interested in trying this next school year is doing my own podcast of my dyslexia MTA students reading a book and podcasting it. They could also do some spelling lessons explaining the phonetic rules or situation rules for spelling words on a podcast. For example, there are so many different ways to spell the (k) sound and my students can tell you all the ways and the reasons why: (k,c//ck,k,ke,c are all the ways.)
This way they can sort of "Show off" their skills and all they have learned in MTA.
I am an "itunes" user and have downloaded songs to my ipod which I use when I go jogging as well as when I'm doing yard work (mowing, weeding), and sometimes when I'm doing house chores (dishes, vacuuming, cleaning). I absolutely LOVE my ipod with all my favorite songs and NO commercials or having to go change the CD.
I have not done any podcasting, but I can see it in my future. :) Well - I take that back. We did do a podcast for our secretary who retired this year and I said my farewells on the Garage Band type of podcast that one of our teachers created for the retiring secretary. So - does that count???
Podcasting is awesome. I have listened to MANY things on podcasts such as sermons, radio broadcasts, lectures, how to plant certain types of plants/flowers, how to do certain yard projects (like building a pond). You tube and podcasts are here to stay I'm sure, and they can only get better. :)

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