Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thing #10

I learned several new things from this creative commons thing today. I did not know that the law had changed and that ANYTHING you write, photograph, or make audio/video is automatically copyrighted. I thought you had to go through an attorney or some sort of major license thingy to get a copyright. I also did not know anything about this CC where you could share, remix, reuse; however, I have often wondered how the original authors were able to contain their work with so much of it being shared on the web and illegally downloaded.

I have seen the CC symbol before on material and thought it meant something related to closed captioning (like on TV). lol.

This CC seems like it would be great for students as they learn more about technology and use it to their advantage on projects. Especially if they were able to go straight to one of the directories or do a CC search for the topic they were researching or doing a particular project. That seems easier than searching Google or whatever engine search they use and looking through several articles. Instead they can look for the ones that already know they will be able to share, remix or reuse. I have not worked with my dyslexia students in any sort of technological way, but think that it would benefit them in the regular classroom. Many dyslexic students are extremely creative and I feel they would soar with something like this given the opportunity and direction.

I am sort of curious if I have broken some copyright laws by sharing some things I have posted on facebook or on my emails. I didn't even think about it? I have shared you tubes, power points on emails, and some daily devotions as well. I will have to check into that and see if it's allowed legally.

One of the things I have done in my MTA class is show you tubes or video clips of famous dyslexics sharing their stories of struggles/success, Henry Winkler for example. That isn't breaking any laws because I didn't share it on the web change it at all.

The teaching materials I use are all copyrighted and I know exactly who owns the copyright and have asked her permission before to make a copy or share with parents. Some things she allows to be used, but many she does not. It's about keeping the rights and money made off of the materials.

Some potential negatives of using CC could be just like the ones with any research paper or similar projects, such as plagerism, or using too much of someone elses ideas versus coming up with your own ideas. However, maybe seeing others ideas could push one to create something even better, improve on something out there already.

I did the stretch activity and looked up a few dyslexia related items and was glad to see there are a few articles and sites out there to research, or classes offered for educators or parents.

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