Thursday, June 17, 2010

thing 4 second response to blogs read

The genre of the blogs I read were mostly educational. I love the fact that students are blogging. I read the blog from 5th grader Patrick called "Patrick's Update" and thought he was getting his point across very well - to not give up and always do your best no matter what people say about you. Then there was the blog from the 2nd graders who wrote the duck story. It was exactly something you would expect from silly second graders. The great thing is that they were writing - freely!!! So, those two were similar because they were written by students, but different in what they wrote. Patrick was serious. The 2nd graders were very silly.
The blog about no homework was very bravely but strongly written and that's what my previous post was about. I had a lot to say regarding homework.
Then the blog on teaching brevity was also wonderful. I totally agree that some people can say great meaningful things in very few words and others ramble on and on and say nothing.
So, those two blogs were very similar in the subjects of educating and what teachers could consider changing.
The other blog I read was the Stop Cyberbullying advocate. Way to go! Very well written. It is a subject that should be addressed with more emphasis and certainly shouldn't be made fun of in my opinion. There always have been and probably always will be bullies, but people tend to write their thoughts more freely and bravely than they ever would say them publicly.
I'm loving the different types of blogs. Some of them seem as if I'm reading an article in an educators magazine and others might be on an editors page in the newspaper. Some are just like what I read on facebook posts. Very interesting. The reader can take it or leave it, but the most wonderful thing is that the reader can respond immediately via web tools. If you were to respond to a magazine or editor it would take weeks before it was published, IF it were published.
The other great thing about blogging is that the grammar, spelling, etc doesn't have to be perfect. Just getting your thoughts out there in cyberspace or "blogosphere" is awesome. It most certainly facilitates learning. The more you read, the better reader you become as well as seeing the correct spelling written by others at least exposes you to more than you would have ever been exposed to without blogging or using any type of internet tool.
Lovin' it!!!!!

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  1. So true! All the different types of blogs are fascinating! Some are very serious and newsworthy and some are casual like diary entries. I do love how all the blogs represent the author and the reader. Neat! Thanks for your blog! Amanda =)