Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thing 6

Technology is taking over. You really don't even need to pick up a newspaper anymore. You can get everything you need or want on line. Who needs to purchase CD's either when you can down load i tunes for free. Then, does anyone still use the library since you can read so many e-books on line now also. There's rarely a need for the post office because of so many options such as on line bill pay, email, facebook, e cards and on and on it goes. I have dabbled in these things I mentioned, but these news feeds and fun feeds to my reader could keep me busy for hours. I really don't want to get too much into it because it could take a lot of my time.
One of the areas on my personal interest feed that I chose was the yoga site. I teach aerobics and have for about 25 years now, but am fairly new to teaching yoga. So, I'm really enjoying the feeds I get on the Daily Cup of Yoga. This particular day the topic is staying cool during the heat of summer. Here in the heart of Texas, we should follow the advice. It's worth the read even if you're not into yoga. However, if you are sort of interested in yoga but afraid you can't do all those pretzel twisting poses you may have seen, no worries. Come check out my classes and I think you will be surprised at how wonderful yoga can be. You may email me at or comment on this blog for more info on the classes.
Another part of the article talks about listening to your body, be forgiving, patient, not competitive, and just flow. That's my philosophy. Letting go of all judgment, expectations, and competition in yoga as well as many things in life. We have this need to control because we think it gives us security. But what it really does is suffocate our soul and lead to anxiety and depression especially when you cannot control something or someone. It builds up resentment often times and steals your inner peace and joy. So, I'm really really really learning more and more each day to let go. I'm free to be me and you're free to be you.
So far, my experience with the google reader and the RSS feeds has been a great one. I'm learning so much. :)
Mrs. Vickie

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