Monday, June 28, 2010

Thing 9

WIKI WIKI WIKI!!!!! WOW. I have to start off by saying that my Papaw calls me VickieWiki and has since I can remember. He is 93 now and still very smart and amazing.
So, how did I feel about this Wiki Sandbox experience? A little frustrated. I had already created a Wiki account a while back. So, when I played in the sandbox, and saved it, I couldn't find it and thought I had lost it. So, I went to my actual, real wiki account and re-typed the whole assignment as I had done in the Sandbox. I saved that version. Then went back to the sandbox instructions and re-read everything. I re-did all the steps and then had an idea to go to my History tab, and there it was! So, I went back to it and did the link page again to share my personal wiki with the sandbox class. I don't see it listed at the bottom with the other three that I can see on the sandbox instructions page, but??? I did it. You can find it twice either at my REAL account or the sandbox version.
I did a lot of going back to the cheat sheet and re-reading directions as I created the page, especially when it was for embedding a video or gadget. I never did get my personal photo which is saved in My Documents of my windows files to link. Maybe someone can help me with that.
I played around with looking at some other files, photos, even did some adding and removing of files and links.
I was thrilled that I was able to add the Voki and a you tube video!!! Yea.
I have to ask the veteran techies, does this get easier for us rookies? I'm spending WAY too much time on these assignments.
Looking forward to comments. Have a great day!

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  1. Anything with technology gets easier as you "play" with it. I am more like my daughter, and I like to jump in and just try it, knowing that I won't mess anything up. My husband wants more step-by-step directions with all technology. It all depends on your preferences. I think you seem pretty competent, and each "Things" will come easier.