Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thing # 7

I am a believer in the title of Thing 7 that we are creating community through commenting. I noticed that when I first joined facebook. It does bring people of interest together no matter the time or distance. That's what is so wonderful about it. Of course, we could do that before with email, but now we have all these other possibilities. I think it's especially important for this class that we keep in touch with other through comments because, for me, it helps me know I'm on the right track and doing these THINGS correctly. :)
I didn't know I was already doing some of the suggested ideas for commenting. I have already invited comments and asked questions on my blogs and on the comments I've posted on my RSS feeds. Hopefully I've been open-minded when giving my opinions. I haven't noticed anyone commenting on my comments yet, so, I will have to wait and see how that turns out.
Some of the edublogger etiquette rules were, in my opinion, basic to moral or ethical rules we should follow always, such as being gracious, humble and setting boundaries.
I will probably end up making a comment policy one day for my blog if I continue it beyond this class. (Which I most likely will).
I also liked the suggestions of moving your best blogs to the top.
I will have to check out the part of using "full text" feature on feeds though. Not sure about that.
There were a few articles I read, especially on some of the news feeds, that I could not find a way to reply or leave a comment. I guess not all of them do it or maybe you have to register and I didn't do that.
Sometimes I feel guilty for spending so much time on the computer for this class (especially reading the fun feeds of interest to me). It's another one of those things I have to make sure I keep in check and put first things first. :)


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  2. I was quite impressed to see you were already commenting on other posts. You are already ahead of the game!