Monday, June 21, 2010

thing 5

I decided to see what's happening out there in newspaper headlines and this was one that caught my eye, the new Toy Story 3 movie. I have not seen the movie yet, but I absolutely loved the first two. My children grew up watching those movies over and over and over again. Now, my oldest will be a Sr. in high school. Wow. We still say "to infinity and beyond" sometimes. Another favorite quote is something similar to "you're a sad strange little man".
The article basically said that the writers went back to a cabin they were at when they wrote the first two movies in hopes of brainstorming a great new idea. They came up with the character Ken. And, of course, they made this one in 3D but admitted it is nothing like the drastic images seen in Avatar. They wanted to make it a little more lively but not overdo it. Since I haven't seen the movie yet, I have no comment on that. It is sometimes hard to make sequels as wonderful as the original. If you have seen the movie, tell me your thoughts. :)

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  1. I have not seen the movie yet, but I have read some "reviews" on people's Facebook pages. :-) Most everyone has cried and loved it! A few, however, said it's very "dark" for a kid's movie. I mentioned this to my husband and he told me that it's not considered a kid's movie anymore. What?!?!? Isn't it animated? I'm not sure how I feel about this and it's hard to make judgments before I've even seen it, but these comments definitely have me interested.

    And these comments also bring up the topic of "adult humor" in cartoons and animated movies meant for children. Where do we draw the line? How far is too far? I miss the days when "Cinderella" and "Snow White" were everyone's favorites! :-D